The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

The Outstreched Shadow

Nice fantasy trilogy in a world of sword and magic. Good readability, although not exactly my kind of fantasy. A little bit too much magic, elves, dragons, etc. but that’s a matter of personal choice. Some might enjoy this fairy-tale-like piece of a three novel set (The Outstretched Shadow, To Light a Candle, When Darkness Falls).

The Obsidian Trilogy centers on the adventures of Kellen, the son of the Arch Mage in the city of High Magic. Bored and frustrated with very scientific-like study of the City’s magic, Kellen discovers the three books of the forbidden magic, the Wild Magic, which is more to his liking.  When his practices become uncovered by his father, the rebellious protagonist gets kicked out of his home city and finds himself in the Land of the Elves, where he finally finds a place of acceptance. Unfortunately, nothing (especially not magic) comes without a price. The World of Light is about to be overcome by the Endarkened Ones, and Kellen is in the middle of the whole ordeal…

All in all, the trilogy is a nice and easy read. Recommended for the young adult audience. The series start very promising with the first part, followed by a good sequel. The closing book seems a little rushed. Seemed to me like a nice beginning of a saga that got shortened with an axe by the editor.

If you don’t mind the abundance of Dragons, Elves, Demons, and other way-out-of-this-world creatures, and don’t have anything to read on the bus (or can’t sleep at night), then go for the Obsidian Trilogy. Not bad, bot not too sophisticated either.

My ranking for the trilogy: 6.5/10 (Easy read, first two books would get a 7 but the last book brings down the overall score)


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  1. Loved the Obsidian Trilogy, and I’ve read more than a few. Got more enjoyment out of this series than Wheel of Time, which some would call more of an Adult read.
    Harry Potter and The Inheritance books are more in-line with a ‘young adult’ read.
    The person who wrote the above comment comes off as a little strange…..criticizing a fantsy book with too much fantasy, too many Dragons and Elves……….. in an age where alot of Authors are doing fantasy books in ‘New York’, or Authors like Terry Brooks doing a ‘present time’ type of fantasy book, it is refreshing to have a fantasy book that tries to go Saga. I haven’t read a good epic/saga since the ‘Riftwar’, and yes I think Obsidan was axed way too much!
    Hope to see much more from these two Authors.

  2. Hey Bryan,

    Thanks for your comment. I didn’t want to dis The Obsidian Trilogy, I loved the first book and enjoyed the other two.

    I just felt that it was too fairy tale like for my liking. My preference is stuff more in line of Wheel of Time, but hey, we can’t all be liking the same things, right? 😉


  3. True dat Konrad.
    Don’t mind the Wheel of Time at all. Just read the first book in their continuation series and found it a little slow.
    Also just read book two of the ‘Darkwar Saga’ by Raymond Feist, and while I liked it I also found it went a little fast, trying to get too much done.

    Do you read any Sci-fi?

  4. Yes, Wheel of Time goes slow at times but I still like it. I haven’t read anything by Feist yet, but I’m planning on doing so.

    Do I read Sci-fi? Can’t say that I do, but I watch the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series every Friday, does that count? 🙂


  5. Does Obsidian fall in truer to her writing in Valdamar? I’ve steered away from Lackey because the writing didn’t seem to me to be as good once the books started being co-authored. Even the Elementals books were just ok but not great. The 2 she did with Flint and Freer didn’t impress me at all. I’d hate to go out to bookstore and get disappointed again.

    I appreciate her wanting to pass on the mentoring she received from Bradley but not at the risk of losing her own style. But then maybe its just me 🙂

  6. I thought the books were great. I was completely immersed, although some things about the books annoyed me, like kellen’s girl friend will live forever but he will die. and what was that whole thing about him knowing ancient elven speech with no answer to where it came from or why. overall the book gets a 7/10 from me still not as captivating as feast, Tad Williams and Paolini. but if you are truly a fantasy buff and breath epics, then it is worth every second.

  7. Loved The Obsidian Trilogy. Wish they were in audio.

  8. this is my favorite series that includes trilogies.
    it’s a little slow at first but as soon as you fall in love with the ch’s which won’t take long you’ll be hooked… to light a candle was my favorite of the three very action packed! the best fights and monster introductions…. i’m reading their enduring flame trilogy right now…… i don’t find it very entertaining, the ch’s are pretty good but there’s just plot and not alot of action…. i’m half way through the 3rd book and no real battles….. but still if you like this fantasy world my words shouldn’t stop you from reading….

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