Rivan Codex – making of the Belgariad

Rivan Codex is pretty much a collection of preliminary studies done by David Eddings before he wrote the Belgariad and Malloreon. It includes a foreword and some tips on writing for a novelist-wannabes. If that’s you, don’t rush to the bookstore. You won’t get much in a way of book-writing help from this book, only some very general pointers and the usual Edding’s “writing is harder to do then rocket science” crap.

I mean, don’t get me wrong here. I love the old guy and his books. I’m one of those people that got into the whole read-a-book-a-week lifestyle after reading the Belgariad in high-school (and that was a pretty big thing for me considering my social commitments and all). Anywho, I guess being such a well-known and respected author, David can be given a break for his slight megalomania (I’m not sure if I can forgive him for the Dreamers though, that line of books went too much awry).

But back to the book. I actually own two copies of it, English and Polish version. Most of it is written as Master Jeebers’ text-book for Ce’Nedra to educate her about the Twelve Kingdoms, their history, culture, etc. Of most interest may be the last part, which is the diary of King Anheg of Cherek.

The book itself is divided into six parts: The Holy Books, which are simulated religious texts of the various people; The Histories, which are actually kind of nice, because they give you a good insight into the History of Garion’s world; The Battle of Vo Mimbre which is a nice narrative account of that storyline; Preliminary Studies for the Malloreon, which give as a look at the saga’s events from the viewpoint of those across the ocean; The Malloreon Gospels which give the reader a good insight into the Korim, Melcenes, other prophecies, and all those good stuff. The last, sixth, part is the Summary of Current Events (Anheg’s Journal). That plus the introduction written by David Eddings.

All in all not bad, some nice snippets here and there and a good way of getting a better understanding of the imaginary world of the Belgariad. If you were really into this saga, it’s a must buy. If not, then well, why should your really care, right?

My ranking for the series: 6.5/10 (Kind of a reference book, good thing for a die-hard fan) 


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