Interview with Gail Z. Martin – Author of Chronicles of the Necromancer

Hello Gail and thank you for accepting this interview.
We know that your adventure with fantasy started very early with ghost stories. Is that the only influence behind the Chronicles of the Necromancer?

I’ve also always loved vampire stories, starting at a very early age with the old TV show Dark Shadows. And I love folk tales and mythology. Stories about the paranormal and the supernatural have always intrigued me. All of those influences go into the intellectual stew. (more…)


Questions for the Interview with Gail Z. Martin

Ask ask a question to the fantasy author Gail Z. Martin!

On the eve of publishing her new book (Chronicles of the Necromancer Book Three: The Dark Haven) Gail Z. Martin agreed to give an interview here at Fantasy Book Reviews Blog in October during the Halloween week (Thanks Gail!). (more…)

Chronicles of the Necromancer by Gail Z. Martin

The Summoner - Book one of The Necromancer by Gail Z. Martin

Now that’s refreshing! A rather long fantasy story told in only two books! The author could have written at least another three but she decided to cut to the chase and actually tell the story right away. Kudos for that Gail! (more…)

Rivan Codex – making of the Belgariad

Rivan Codex is pretty much a collection of preliminary studies done by David Eddings before he wrote the Belgariad and Malloreon. It includes a foreword and some tips on writing for a novelist-wannabes. If that’s you, don’t rush to the bookstore. You won’t get much in a way of book-writing help from this book, only some very general pointers and the usual Edding’s “writing is harder to do then rocket science” crap. (more…)

The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

The Outstreched Shadow

Nice fantasy trilogy in a world of sword and magic. Good readability, although not exactly my kind of fantasy. A little bit too much magic, elves, dragons, etc. but that’s a matter of personal choice. Some might enjoy this fairy-tale-like piece of a three novel set (The Outstretched Shadow, To Light a Candle, When Darkness Falls).


The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind

By far my favorite series so far! Terry Goodkind has outdone himself time and again when publishing sequel after sequel of this 11-book epic fantasy saga. The first book of The Sword of Truth,  entitled Wizard’s First Rule, is one of, if not the best fantasy book I have read so far. It is a little surprising, because it has some rather prevalent romance overtones, and I never been a romantic type (Ok, maybe a little bit in high-school, but now I’m a bitter old man.. 24 year old to be exact).